Gunvolt joins the underground adventure as a playable character in EX Character Mode! Take control of his "Flashfield" and "Prevasion" abilities and give those mutants the shock of a lifetime! Price $1.99  ※Following the free download period

Main Attack:Gunvolt fires special darts from his gun that enable him to lock-on to enemies. A maximum of 3 enemies can be locked onto at once.

Main Attack

Flashfield:Use your EP energy to deploy the Flashfield, an electrical barrier that can be used for both offense and defense. Once you lock onto enemies with your gun's darts, use this to blast them with homing electrical attacks. It can also be used while in mid-air to allow you to hover and fall to the ground slowly.


Prevasion:When you aren't using your Flashfield, should you get hit by any enemy attacks, you will automatically spend EP and activate your Prevasion ability, which completely negates any damage you would normally take from that attack.


Special Skills:In top-down view mode, Gunvolt can use his skill points (SP) to activate his special skills.

Dragonsphere Galvanic Patch Galvanic Patch

Kick Climb:On side view maps, Gunvolt can scale vertical walls by using his kick climb ability.