Jason Frudnick was a young genius who made a name for himself in the field of robotics. One fateful day, his curiosity got the best of him when he encountered the unknown life form “Fred.” In pursuit of Fred, Jason fell into a subterranean world where he encountered a strange vehicle.

It was the “All-Terrain Battle Tank” SOPHIA-III. The tank, filled with otherworldly technology, served as Jason’s sole defense against the mysterious mutants infesting the subterranean depths of the Earth.

During Jason’s search for Fred aboard SOPHIA-III, he had a chance encounter with the tank’s support droid, “Eve.”As the two worked together to find Fred and battle the mutants, they formed a deep bond. Their battle against the mutants took them to inter-dimensional space, where they finally defeated the Mutant Core and saved the planet.

...However, it was not long before they faced another crisis.

During their battle with the Mutant Core, Eve was infected with mutant cells. Before long, those cells began to corrupt her body.

Unable to find any method of halting the mutant corruption on Earth, Jason, along with Eve and Fred, departed to outer space in their newly developed vehicle, G-SOPHIA.

He believed that they could find a cure on Eve’s home planet, “Sophia.”

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