The Nintendo Switch(TM) comes equipped with a multiplayer mode that uses the Joy-Con(TM) controllers.

By using two Joy-Cons, players can tackle the game in its entirety with one player acting as the main player who controls Jason and SOPHIA III and the other acting in a support role using a special cursor that provides the main player with a number of different benefits.

The support player can freely move the cursor and use it to provide cover fire for Jason/SOPHIA. This is particularly useful of picking off enemies that are out of the reach of the main player so they can progress through the stage smoothly.

Whenever you land a shot or use an Eraser Bomb, your special gauge will increase. You can then use part of the gauge to drop recovery items for the main player.

The Nintendo Switch(TM) version of the game has HD Rumble compatibility.

HD Rumble features can be felt throughout the entire game, but the most notable instance where the HD Rumble truly shines is the scene that pays homage to the original Blaster Master where SOPHIA III blasts off into the vast subterranean world at the start of the game.。

A certain dungeon has massive waves that come through every now and then. With the HD Rumble feature, you will not just be able feel the vibrations from the oncoming waves, but when enemies are swept up in the waves you will also feel vibrations when they smash into the wall.