Extra Modes :Destroyer Mode

In Version 1.2, the all new Destroyer Mode, a super difficult "hard mode" that you can access after clearing the game, has been added to the game for free. In this mode, it calls for you to make the right call at every turn and make use of your entire arsenal if you want to have a chance at defeating these powered up mutants. Destroyer Mode provides a whole new type of challenge for those who have completed the game once before, so be sure to give it a try! In Destroyer Mode, and Jason and SOPHIA III receive a little color makeover!

Destroyer Mode01

Destroyer Mode02

Destroyer Mode03

Extra Modes :EX Character Mode

Version 1.2 also comes with EX Character Mode, which allows you to play through the entire game as one of many brand new DLC characters that will be available for purchase.These characters aren't just skins, though! They have their own set of abilities and weapons that create a gameplay experience completely different from that of the main protagonist, Jason. Have a look at some of the characters that we currently have planned for EX Character Mode!

EX Character : Gunvolt

EX Character : Gunvolt

EX Character : Ekoro

EX Character : Ekoro

EX Character : Shantae

EX Character : Ekoro

EX Character : Shovel Knight

EX Character : Ekoro

Extra Modes: Boss Blaster Mode

Clearing the game will unlock "Boss Blaster Mode" where you fight every boss and mid-boss in the game in succession. Perfect your tactics and beat your best time! Any EX Characters that you acquired can be used in this mode too! In the Nintendo Switch version, you can recruit a friend to fight alongside you in "Co-op Boss Blaster Mode!"

Boss Blaster Mode01

Boss Blaster Mode02

Boss Blaster Mode03

Extra Modes:Blaster Battle Mode(Nintendo Switch only)

In the Version 1.5 update, a brand new 2 player battle mode called "Blaster Battle Mode" has been added. Any of the EX characters you have acquired can also be used in this mode.

Blaster Battle Mode01

Blaster Battle Mode02

Blaster Battle Mode03

Blaster Battle Mode04

Blaster Battle Mode05