EXプレイヤーモードに、『Dragon Marked For Death』の“皇女”が追加されます。ドラゴンスキルを駆使し、龍血の一族の戦車「D-アタッカー」に乗り込んで、ミュータントを討伐しよう!

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  • EXプレイヤー皇女01
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The Empress swings her sword in an arc in front of her. She can perform up to 3 attacks in succession.


Throughout your journey, you'll find different one-handed swords the Empress can equip. Each one affects your parameters in different ways with varying attributes and attack powers.。

Dragon Shot

Spend Dragon Points to launch fireballs from your Dragon Arm.

Dragon Cannon

Charge up your Dragon Shot to unleash a barrage of flame.

Dragon Sword

The Dragon Arm can turn into a massive blade that deals heavy damage to enemies.

Dragon Counter

Use Dragon Counters to launch powerful counter attacks at targeted enemies. Dragon Counters can be comboed with Dragon Sword attacks.

  • Instinct Flame

    Shoot a fireball at the targeted enemy.

  • Rapid Thrust

    Dash toward the target with a quick thrusting attack.

  • ???

Dragon Attacker(D-ATTACKER)

he Empress rides in her own unique vehicle, the "D-ATTACKER."

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